At Mahendra Matrix, we believe in a pleasant work culture that shares a true bonding among the teammates. Throughout the hierarchies, we have a workforce that combines fun and dedication perfectly and brings alive an atmosphere where people would actually love to work.


Our vision is to exponentially grow together with our clientele in the game development domain by utilizing our most innovative and cutting-edge technology and expertise. We look forward to bringing newer technologies in the gaming space that keeps on making a striking impact on the end consumers, the players. By working with a talented workforce, we aim to cater to the needs of budding entrepreneurs and ventures in the gaming industry. At Mahendra Matrix, we want to create abundant business opportunities for our clients as we know that it also leads to our individual progress.
To progress along with our fellow teammates and achieve the business goals together, we ensure that values at Mahendra Matrix are abided and stand as a key base. We believe that to deliver excellent customer service, foster innovation and build great teams, our values become our core strength. Our values are indeed our company’s DNA. At Mahendra Matrix, we preach integrity, boldness, honesty, trustworthiness, accountability, learning, leadership, teamwork, innovation, quality, balance, employee development, fun and most importantly customer experience. We believe that if these values lie in our DNA, we approach right and do things in the most productive and efficient manner.
For the fellow teammates who look forward to shining in the game development industry, we provide abundant opportunities to help them improve their skills and be more efficient. We believe that an employee that has great potential and looks forward to proving himself should be given the right opportunities to practice and improve his skills. And hence, we think that when such potential teammates work with our game development veterans, they get great exposure and learning opportunities. Also, our environment is such that numerous learning opportunities are created for our staff, which aids in their individual growth.
When you have brilliant minds around you, the pleasure of working in an organization is doubled. Mahendra Matrix gives you an opportunity to work with some exceptional personalities in the game development domain so that you can learn, earn and grow as an individual. You get to work with highly skilled and experienced developers, designers and the rest of the creative teams and learn from them the art of building the high quality and engaging games. So, if you’re geared up for an exposure to working with likeminded people in the gaming industry, Mahendra Matrix is the perfect place for you.
We understand that to work comfortably, you need a really caring and comfortable environment. Therefore, at Mahendra Matrix, we have made things so comfy for you that you feel like being at home always. Our work premises offer the utter convenience to the employees so that they can bring more creativity and innovation while building games. For our whole workforce, we have highly productive spaces so that chaos is never born and productivity always exists. So, if you’ve right talent and want to work for a company that is more like a home to you, all you need is Mahendra Matrix!

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